We topped out at 43 people online all at once and it straight up looked like we were raiding 5 mans with that many groups doing mythics all at once. To the teams good work, look forward to finishing up tonight.

As you can tell for this horid pic Aux\Burnsley is ready for raiding.

F%cking Bursley

p.s. learn to screen shot you hand-me down.


ATTENTION: for those of you planning on raiding with us. You need to be max level by Tuesday and your goal item level should be 820+. On Tuesday our 3 days schedule start back up. I will divide us into mythic dungeon teams so I can make sure everyone is farming. If you do not show you will be removed from guild (unless I know some of yall, in which I will make you a friends/family rank and that’s where you will stay until you catch up on your own. Don’t matter how long u been here. We ain’t stopping or slowing for ya). Also if you haven’t been in voip and talked to me directly recently, YOU NEED TO. Some of you dipped after having ur app approved and I don’t even fuckin know ya. You wanna raid here I wanna make sure ur not a douche bag or a serial killer wanting to make a coat from chefs skin. You will talk to me before Tuesday or I will remove you from guild. I will be on ALOT for the next 12 days cause I’m on vacation. also for the rest of you. You need to edit your public notes and put your names on all your toons. If they aren’t named I’m gonna remove them. If they are inactive for more than 30 days I will remove them. Other than that. Keep up the good work. Keep building them strong core team skills. Help each other out. Have fun, love black women and stay fresh.